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Chimney Cleaning & Repairs

The National Fire Protection Association recommends an annual Chimney Inspection in Standard 211.
Are you looking for a professional to help you with your chimney cleaning or chimney repair needs? Trust our professionals for thorough chimney cleaning services. We’ll get rid of flammable deposits and also spot potential problems that could cost you thousands of dollars in the near future. You can rest easy knowing that all our services are competitively priced and we charge a flat rate. When you hire Absolute Duct & Chimney, you’re getting top quality chimney cleaning services and ethical, customer-first pricing.

Absolute provides Level One Chimney Inspection and Cleaning from top to bottom and if any of the following repairs are needed, an estimate will be provided.

We Inspect and Clean:

  • Spark Arrestors
  • Chimney Flues
  • Plenums
  • Fire Boxes
  • Dampers

We Service and Install:

  • Spark Arrestors
  • Damper Clamps
  • Seal Crowns
  • Fill¬†Cracks in Firebox
  • Patch Cracks in Exterior Bricks and Joints

Customer Testimonial

Absolute just came out to inspect my fireplace. I had some small cracks on the back wall I was worried about. They fixed the cracks for me with some epoxy and made it look like new! They also cleaned the chimney and gave it a clean bill of health. They showed up on time, were clean, and I loved their scheduling system that sent me text reminders of our appointment and when the tech was on their way. Really great company! I highly recommend!
- Steve Welty
San Diego, CA via Google